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Vertical Blinds

Sleek Design        Precision Control            Elegant

The sleek design of the Vertical Blinds not only makes a fabulous fashion statement but has built in practicallity that makes them one of the most adaptable window treatments around.

Vertical Blind Brochure


You can precisely control the level of light that comes into your home and the degree of privacy with clever blades of fabric that can tilt to reveal or obscure the world outside.The blades draw like a curtain and can stack neatly to the left, right or centre to set the mood just as you want it. Open them, close them, or set them to a partial reveal. Verticals give you amazing versatility.

Achieve effortless elegance with your choice of colour and texture from a huge range of fabrics available. You also have the options of solid or translucent blades that will either block or filter light coming into the room. Let Wagga Blind & Awning Centre take your windows in a whole new direction.

Our superior tracking system enables blades to sit evenly in place and draw smoothly. Easy to clean and operate, simple easy to use finger tip controls rotate the blades through 180 degrees, while precision engineering allows for minimal light leakage between blades.

Perfect for Australian conditions

Australians love the summer sun but we don’t like the damage it can do to furnishings by fading carpets and upholstery. You need to protect your home from hash sunlight and Vertical Blinds give you the versatility. Block the light and heat to save your decore and save on energy bills. Over 30% of unwanted heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer takes place through windows, so efficient window coverings can provide substantial savings on heating and cooling costs.